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Throat Swabs For STDs

It is a common misnomer that STIs and STDs are only transmitted through vaginal sex or anal sex. The truth is, STDs can be spread through both insertive and receptive oral sex.


Symptoms one may experience after picking up an STI after insertive oral sex with or without condoms may include sore throat, fevers, enlarged neck glands, enlarged tonsils, or a general persistent discomfort at the back of one’s throat.

A medical study in 2019 by the international journal of STD & AIDS found that 90% of pharyngeal chlamydia and gonorrhoea in both men (straight or MSM) and women were symptomless.

If any symptoms did appear, they showed up anywhere between a few days to a week after the oral sex encounter.

Swab Tests

DTAP Express throat swab gives you a quick way to address those niggling throat symptoms or any worries you may have from a possible Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea infection of the throat.

DTAP Express throat swab is a laboratory test that predominantly diagnoses Chlamydia in the throat and Gonorrhoea in the throat. The test involves a simple self-administered soft swab to the back and surrounds of your throat, all in the comfort and privacy of our DTAP Express self testing clinic.

Pharyngeal Chlamydia or Pharyngeal Gonorrhoea are treatable and curable STIs that infect a person after the engagement of insertive oral sex, but must be properly diagnosed and treated effectively to prevent any further spread or complications.

If left untreated, this often symptomless STI in the throat can be passed on to your partner if you engage in insertive oral sex (give oral sex), with or without the use of condoms.

Oral STDs are Treatable

Oral STDs and STIs are all curable with the right antibiotics after the throat swab. 2 weeks after receiving treatment, it is advisable to obtain a test of clearance and repeat test to document complete clearance of infection. This allows you to document successful treatment and put the chapter behind you.


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