STD Testing – Who Should Get Tested


It isn’t immediately obvious who needs to get an STD test, largely because most people don’t talk about this taboo topic. The truth is we need to know more about this topic to safeguard our health, and the wellbeing of those around us.

For most people, STD testing is not one of those things we think about on a regular basis. However, STD testing is important even if the individuals are in a monogamous relationship right now. After all, what happened in the past can still affect you today.

So, who should be testing themselves for for STDs?

  • Those who have symptoms
  • Those without symptoms
  • Those who have been treated 2 weeks ago


It’s especially important to get tested if:

Some situations call for tests, because a simple “trust me” is just not sufficient when it comes to protecting your health.

STD testing should definitely be done if:

  • One or both parties in the relationship tested positive for an STD.
  • Anyone is embarking on a new relationship.
  • Both parties are thinking about stopping condom use.
  • One or both partners have equal relations with other people outside of the relationship.
  • The relationship is no longer monogamous, and has changed to a polygamous or polyamorous one.
  • One or both parties in the relationship experience symptoms that suggest an STD infection

People in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship, with both partners tested before entering the relationship may not need regular STI testing.

However, since most people who enter long-term relationships do not get tested before they do so, it is possible that one or both partners may carry an undiagnosed STD into the relationship. Testing is therefore highly important for the safety of both parties in the relationship.


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