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STD Test Singapore 2024: Updated Information

DTAP STD Clinic offers fast, affordable and comprehensive STD testing services in its various clinics around Singapore.

For guided Self-STD testing services, one may visit DTAP Express STD Clinic located in Icon Village, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.

Depending on your risk profile, you may wish to consult with an experienced STD doctor on the kinds of STD test available and recommended. If a doctor consultation is required, you may be referred to a STD testing clinic nearest to you. A comprehensive review your health history and background will be analysed by your doctor before the next best course of action is recommended to you.

All doctor consultations and reviews are done in a hushed, confidential, private and comfortable setting. 

Types of STD Tests Available @DTAP Express STD Clinic

Rapid HIV Testing$60
Rapid Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test
(Urine Test / Throat Swab / Rectal Swab / Vaginal Swab)
From $202.70
Men’s Urine STD Testing$354.5
Women’s Vaginal STD Swab$354.5

Prices shown are inclusive of GST.

For more information regarding each test, please scroll to the lower parts of this page.

Rapid HIV Testing (90 Days After Potential HIV Exposure)

Rapid HIV testing is recommended for those whose point of suspected exposure has exceeded 90 days. The rapid HIV test is a quick and effective way to determine if there is a HIV infection.

Test TypeRapid HIV Testing
Price$60 Nett
When To Get Tested90 Days After Potential HIV Exposure
Fasting Time30 minutes before coming for the test
No smoking before 30 minutes
Test ForTest for the following Human Immunodeficiency Viruses
RemarksResults in 20 mins & Reviewed by Resident Doctors

Rapid Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test

Different test sites may be chosen for this test. The type of site(s) chosen depends on your activity and history.

Test TypeRapid Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test
Test Sites (Choose One)Urine STD Test / Throat STD Swab / Rectal STD Swab / Vaginal STD Swab
Price (Nett)1 Test Site – $202.70 Nett
2 Test Sites – $304.60 Nett
3 Test Sites – $406.50 Nett
(Addon HIV Test $39 Nett)
Test ForTest for the following Sexually Transmitted Diseases:
– Chlamydia
– Gonorrhoea.
RemarksResults in 72 hours & Reviewed by Resident Doctors

Rapid Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are the top 2 STIs in Singapore. If left untreated, both diseases can cause serious long-term consequences like infertility and pregnancy complications that can affect the unborn child.

Thankfully, we can test for these STIs quickly and accurately. With real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology, our rapid test is able to detect the DNA of both Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea in real-time. This allows for fast and accurate diagnosis of STIs caused by these 2 organisms. The accuracy of the test can be up to 95%.

Next Working Day Results

At our std test clinics, the Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea rapid test can produce results by the next working day, allowing us to facilitate prompt and appropriate treatment where necessary. All that is required is either a urine, endocervical, throat or anus sample, depending on where the infection is likely to be present. The type of sample will be determined by your doctor after the assessment.

We understand that getting STI testing can be daunting and there may be concerns about privacy. That is why at DTAP we now offer Rapid Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests using the same quick technology of PCR.

Men’s Urine STD Testing

Test TypeUrine STD Screening
Price (Nett)$354.5 Nett
Test For

Test for the following Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

– Chlamydia
– Gonorrhoea
– Mycoplasma Hominis
– Ureaplasma, Trichomonas
– Candida & Urine Bacteria

Add-OnHIV Testing (90 days after exposure test), $396.60 Nett
RemarksPlease kindly hold your urine for at least 2 hours before the test. Results are reviewed by Resident Doctors.

Women’s Vaginal STD Swab

Test TypeVaginal STD Swab
Price (Nett)$354.5 Nett
Test For

Test for the following Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

– Chlamydia
– Gonorrhoea
– Mycoplasma Hominis
– Ureaplasma
– Trichomonas
– Candida
– Vaginal Bacteria
– Streptococcus Bacteria

Add-OnHIV Testing (90 days after exposure test), $396.60 Nett
RemarksResults are Reviewed by Resident Doctors

Regular STD Testing In Singapore And Its Importance

Regular STD testing is recommended for anyone who is sexually active, even when protection is used. Regular STD testing uncovers any potential sexually transmitted disease (STD) that may not show any signs and symptoms. The risk of contracting a STD or STI (sexually transmitted infection) significantly increases if you or your partner is sexually active with more than one partner. The risk also increases if one engages in risky sexual activities or if one’s partner is known to have a STD. Regular and timely STD testing thus ensures that one remains healthy while keeping a sexually active and fulfilling lifestyle, and that prompt medical intervention may be taken should the need arises.

STD Symptoms Suggesting A STD Test

Different symptoms may manifest for different STDs, though certain STDs or STIs may come with no symptoms. Some STDs will also only manifest symptoms during very late stages of infection. This is also why STD testing is important for sexually active personnel; to detect any underlying conditions quickly and accurately.

Some common symptoms of STDs may include:

  • abnormal vaginal / urethral discharge
  • pain during urination
  • itch or pain in the vagina / urethra
  • rashes, sores and / or blisters on sexual organs
  • abnormal growths or lumps on sexual organs
  • swells, pain, aches, dullness in the testicles
  • swelling of the lymph nodes at the groin
To conclusively detect any potential STD in a person, a comprehensive analysis of your risk complete with STD testing is recommended. Most STDs may be treated completely with prompt STD testing.
Get your comprehensive STD testing done at DTAP STD Clinic Singapore or DTAP Express Self-Testing Clinic today. STD testing and STD screening services at DTAP Express are quick, professional and discreetly conducted in a private, comfortable and non-judgmental environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

STD Test Singapore – FAQs

• There are symptoms suggesting you may have been infected with Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea or other STD(s)

• If your partner was tested positive for either one of the STD infections

• If you have recently had a change in sexual partner

• You’ve had multiple sex partners

• You’ve had recent unprotected sex

Generally, results will be available the next working day.

The test is typically 99% accurate.

The modes include urine, endocervical, throat and anus.

It is best to avoid passing urine at least 1 hour before the test. Besides that, no other preparation is required beforehand.

There are no needles involved.

If you think that you have been exposed to these STIs, or are experiencing symptoms like discharge and burning sensations when you pass urine, please visit one of our clinics for a consultation with a doctor for a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

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