STD Symptoms in Women

STD symptoms in women are varied. If there are symptoms, they usually take place at the site of intercourse. STDs spread through fluid, including vaginal fluid, semen, blood and saliva. Condoms are not fool-proof as such.

STD symptoms in women include vaginal pain, vaginal discharge to even pain during intercourse or abnormal bleeding. If there was anal sex or insertive or receptive oral sex, women can also experience pain on passing stool, discharge from the anus (back passage), throat pain, swollen tonsils and even a hoarse voice. However, the most uncertain symptom of all is no symptoms at all. This results in STDs silently spreading to one’s partner during sexual intercourse.

The most common STD symptom in women however is vaginal discharge.

Abnormal Discharge

This is different from the usual clear vaginal discharge that women experience from time to time. This vaginal discharge is often thicker in consistency and can have varying colours white, yellow and even greenish. This discharge can accompany the presence of odour which may be pungent and sometimes fishy as well. These are the more obvious STD symptoms in women. Some of the less obvious symptoms would be an increase in discomfort or even pain during sex. The less obvious symptoms can also be an increase in itch, pain when passing urine, urinary discomfort, pain at the lower abdomen, pelvic area.

Chlamydia symtopms in women

Other symptoms of STD in women include abnormal bleeding outside the usual menstruation periods.

More Symptoms

These can occur during sex or sporadically on its own. Bleeding from the vagina outside of regular menstruation is abnormal and may signify the presence of other gynaecological problems as well. But in the presence of a sexual history, it would not be possible to rule out a sexually transmitted infection.

Besides these symptoms of STD in women, other considerations for getting an STD test is to pick up any asymptomatic and symptomless STDs, preventing the infections from causing infertility or even organ damage.

Getting Tested

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