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STD Symptoms In Men

STD Symptoms In Men

There are many different kinds STD symptoms in men. The common STD symptoms in men include pain when passing urine, burning sensation when passing urine, also known as dysuria. The pain occurs when the infections from the STDs damage the lining of the urinary tract. Sometimes penile discharge occurs as a result of the infection. This discharge can be pus-like and yellow, whitish or even clear and transparent.

In summary, some common STD symptoms in men include:

  • pain when passing urine
  • burning sensation when passing urine (dycuria)
  • penile discharge (can be pus-like, yellow, whitish or even clear and transparent)

These STDs can reside in the urinary tract for days, weeks and even months.

Penile Discharge

Depending on one’s immune system and the number of bacteria, one’s STD symptoms in men may vary. In some cases, penile discharge may be there throughout the day, when you pass urine or even at certain times of the day, I.E when you wake up. The penile discharge may be a symptom on its own or may come together with other STD symptoms such as pain when passing urine or even a new rash around the foreskin, penis head or penis shaft.

Penile discharges are not common, and definitely require medical attention and an STD check. If the discharge is greenish, yellowish or white, the underlying condition might be gonorrhea. However, if the discharge is a pus-like fluid, watery, or milky, the underlying STD might be Chlamydia.

In summary, seek professional medical advice if you observe:

  • penile discharge throughout the day
  • penile discharge when you pass urine
  • penile discharge at different intervals
  • pain when passing urine
  • rash around the foreskin, penis head or shaft

Bumps, Warts Or Blisters

HPV and genital warts

HPV strains usually clear up on their own, but some strains can cause genital warts. They come in a variety of sizes, and can look flat, large, small, raised, or even cauliflower-shaped.

If you have a genital wart, it is likely that you will need to come into one of our DTAP clinics to get medical attention. Our doctors can help to find out if your warts are caused by HPV and whether you are at further risk of cancer in the genital or anal region.


The herpes simplex virus can cause blisters near or on the genitals, rectum, or mouth. These blisters often break and turn into painful sores.

These blisters hurt, and if you have blisters near the urethra, they might hurt a lot more when you urinate.

Remember that even when you cannot see any blisters, herpes can still spread from a carrier to a new infectee. This is why you should get an STD screening the moment you see any blisters in the genital, rectal or oral regions.


Syphilis is one of those silent bacterial STDs that creep up on you. The first symptom is often a solitary, firm but painless sore. The sore appears where the bacteria enters the body, and that can include your:

● external genitals
● anus
● rectum
● lips
● mouth

Eventually, multiple sores will appear. However, because they are painless, they are often ignored or not noticed.

Secondary stage syphilis rash and sores

If left untreated, rashes, and sores in of the mouth or anal regions will start to show. This is the secondary stage of syphilis.

The rash may look red or brown, and have a flat or velvety appearance. It usually doesn’t itch. Rashes can also appear in general on the body. Moist areas of the groin, armpit, and mouth can have gray or white lesions.

Swelling And Pain In The Testicles

STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, or other bacterial infections can cause epididymitis, or pain and swelling in one or both testicles. This symptom is common in men who contract those STDs.

Painful Urination

A burning sensation, pain or unusual pressure during or post-urination, as well as more frequent urination, can be a symptom of a gonorrhea, chlamydia or trichomoniasis infection in women.

Most people do not have symptoms, or only have mild symptoms when they have gonorrhea. This makes it easy to mistake gonorrhea symptoms for bladder infections.

Chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis can also cause pain or a burning sensation in men. They may also encounter pain after ejaculation.

Other Symptoms

Depending on the type of intercourse, penetrative oral intercourse or receptive intercourse can lead to other STD symptoms in men. Symptoms such as sore throat, pain on defecation, discharge from the back passage are also other possible symptoms of STD in men. Although there are many symptoms discussed in this article, it is not exhaustive as more often than not, STDs can remain absolutely silent in an individual with the person feeling very well. These asymptomatic STDs, however, can cause other problems such as infertility, organ damage, and end up being passed to other partners until an STD test is done and the condition treated. see STD symptoms in women 

STDs In The Rectum

It is possible for Chlamydia to spread to the rectum. Symptoms include:

● Painful bowel movements
● Extended rectal pain
● Unexpected discharge from the anus
● Rectal bleeding

Gonorrhea can also spread to the rectal region. The symptoms of such an infection are:

● Anal bleeding
● Unexpected discharge from the anus
● Pain and itching in the anus
● Painful bowel movements

Get Tested Early

Getting Tested – Getting An STD Check Up

dtap express std clinic

Most STDs can be treated and cured if they are diagnosed early through an STD test.

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, make an appointment at one of our DTAP clinics for a fast, discreet and professional diagnosis and treatment.

DTAP Express is a quick, fuss-free and confidential mode of getting STDs checked and ultimately giving one a peace of mind with quick treatment. Early testing for men involved in receptive oral sex, insertive penetrative sex is as easy as dropping off a urine sample and getting your results in your phone. And for penetrative oral sex or receptive oral sex, a quick and simple throat self swab or rectal self swab in the comfort and privacy of our DTAP Express clinic.

Learn more about our STD testing & HIV testing in our Self STD Testing Clinic

Test, know, treat.


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