STD Symptoms In Men

There are many different kinds STD symptoms in men. The common STD symptoms in men include pain when passing urine, burning sensation when passing urine, also known as dysuria. The pain occurs when the infections from the STDs damage the lining of the urinary tract. Sometimes penile discharge occurs as a result of the infection. This discharge can be pus-like and yellow, whitish or even clear and transparent.

In summary, some common STD symptoms in men include:

  • pain when passing urine
  • burning sensation when passing urine (dycuria)
  • penile discharge (can be pus-like, yellow, whitish or even clear and transparent)

These STDs can reside in the urinary tract for days, weeks and even months.

Penile Discharge

Depending on one’s immune system and the number of bacteria, one’s STD symptoms in men may vary. In some cases, penile discharge may be there throughout the day, when you pass urine or even at certain times of the day, I.E when you wake up. The penile discharge may be a symptom on its own or may come together with other STD symptoms such as pain when passing urine or even a new rash around the foreskin, penis head or penis shaft.

In summary, seek professional medical advice if you observe:

  • penile discharge throughout the day
  • penile discharge when you pass urine
  • penile discharge at different intervals
  • pain when passing urine
  • rash around the foreskin, penis head or shaft

The most common STD symptom in men is abnormal penile discharge.

Other Symptoms

But depending on the type of intercourse, penetrative oral intercourse or receptive intercourse can lead to other STD symptoms in men. Symptoms such as sore throat, pain on defecation, discharge from the back passage are also other possible symptoms of STD in men. Although there are many symptoms discussed in this article, it is not exhaustive as more often than not, STDs can remain absolutely silent in an individual with the person feeling very well. These asymptomatic STDs, however, can cause other problems such as infertility, organ damage, and end up being passed to other partners until an STD test is done and the condition treated. see STD symptoms in women 

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Getting Tested

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