Penile Itch

There are many things that cause an itch in the penile region. Furthermore the itch can be experienced at different parts of the penis, from the opening of the urine hole (urethra), to the foreskin area, to the head of the penis, up to the shaft and even at the scrotal area.

This penile itch can take place during urination or simply at rest , when nothing is done. What is more important is whether the itch settles on its own or whether it continues to persist.

For persistent penile itches, this warrants a checkup with a medical professional rather than just using over the counter creams. In fact over the counter treatments or home remedies can mask a bigger problem such as a STD causing urethritis (inflammation of the tube where urine passes through)

A Urine STD test and a full urine STD test at DTAP express reveals if one has picked up any urinary STDs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, and lesser known ones such as Mycoplasma Hominis and Ureaplasma Urealyticum.

Besides urine STDs, the other thing is infections that can hide in and around the foreskin. These are the yeast infections, gardnerella and even urine bacteria. These may be hygiene related or sexually transmitted including via oral sex with or without condom usage. Having an accurate test will allow for the right treatment to be given and the Full Urine STD test will pick this up.

If the cause of the infections are because of a long foreskin or conditions such as balanitis, a doctor’s review at DTAP clinic would be useful to obtain the best treatment, including the option of circumcision (sutureless, no downtime) at DTAP clinic.

Ultimately a persistent penile itch is not normal, especially one that is concentrated in and around the foreskin. It can be a combination of hygiene germs or even sexually transmitted germs.