What We Test

Men’s Health Blood Test

Know your testosterone and hormonal levels

What to expect for your visit

Select Your Test or Treatment

In person at DTAP Express clinic, or online. Choose the test or treatment you need.

Our doctor will connect with you at the earliest convenience to complete the consultation.

Receive Meds / Test Kits Discreetly

If prescribed, pick up your meds or get your tests done if you are at the clinic. But if you are seeing us online, your meds or test kits will be delivered within same working day, at $17.00 delivery fee after GST of payment made before 12 noon.

You will get your test results from us as quick as 30 minutes to 10 days for a comprehensive test.

Ongoing Care & Follow Ups

When you arrive, our care team will register you, sign you in and direct you to our discreet screening rooms. Receive your results + explanation by email, we will coordinate further appointments for you, especially if you have any further queries.


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