What We Test

Men’s Health Blood Test

Know your testosterone and hormonal levels

The essence of the ailment

For men over 40, testosterone levels may decline by 1-1.5% annually. While not all men with decreasing testosterone experience symptoms, some develop telltale signs as their levels diminish. Common indicators include low sex drive, difficulty with erections, fatigue, and mood swings. Other medical conditions or hormonal abnormalities may also produce similar symptoms.

The shielding effect

Our comprehensive Men’s Health blood test examines not only testosterone levels but also other hormones and related conditions that may manifest in symptoms akin to those with low testosterone.

Anticipating the aftermath

Our skilled phlebotomist will draw blood for the test (ideally before 11 am), and fasting is not required. Test results will be available within 3-5 working days. Qualified doctors will review the findings, and if necessary, arrange a follow-up appointment with you.

The intended recipients

Individuals over 40 or those experiencing the aforementioned symptoms may consider undergoing the test to better understand their health and hormone levels.

What to expect during your visit

Select Your Test or Treatment

In person at DTAP Express clinic, or online. Choose the test or treatment you need.

Our doctor will connect with you at the earliest convenience to complete the consultation.

Receive Medications & Test Kits Discreetly

If prescribed, you can pick up your medicines and get your tests done at our clinic. However, if you have attended an online consultation, your medications or test kits will be delivered within the same working day, subject to a $17 delivery fee, paid before 12 noon.

Rapid test results can be sent to you as quickly as 30 minutes, while comprehensive test results will take up to 10 days.

Follow Ups

Upon registration, you will be assigned to a private screening room.

You will receive your results, and accompanying explanation via email. Where necessary, our care team will contact you to schedule further appointments and answer any questions you may have.


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