How It Works

Self-testing at DTAP Express is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Get your test kit.

2. Collect your sample.

3. Receive your results!

The Testing Process

1. Book an appointment or simply walk-in.

2. Register at the front desk with our receptionist.

3. Answer a simple questionnaire to determine which test is needed.

4. Make payment, pick up a test kit and collect the sample in the privacy of our self-testing room.

5. Drop off sample and leave.

6. Results will be sent through WhatsApp / Email in 72 hours. (*5-7 working days for dull tests)

*Note: Your test results will be password protected and emailed to you. Please ensure you give us the right email address and check that the results are not in the spam inbox.

Enquires & Appointment