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HIV testing at DTAP Clinic Singapore & DTAP Express is quick, fuss-free & confidential

DTAP Medical provides comprehensive, full service HIV testing and HIV screening services at its various clinics around Singapore. Adopting a discreet and confidential HIV testing process, DTAP offers a comfortable, open-minded and non-judgmental environment for all visitors and patients. If you require an experienced HIV doctor to privately advise you on the best course of action forward, both in terms of HIV testing and HIV treatment, HIV Testing at one of our clinics may be the preferred option for you.

HIV Self-Test @ DTAP Express, Tanjong Pagar

For HIV self-testing services, one may visit DTAP Express located in Icon Village, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.

DTAP Express strongly recommends prompt HIV testing in the event of a suspected exposure. While there is no cure for HIV currently, HIV may be effectively controlled with the right treatment and medication. Patients diagnosed with HIV are oftentimes able to lead normal lives.



Test TypeRapid HIV Saliva Swab Testing
(Total Cost)
When to get tested90 Days or more after Potential HIV Exposure
Fasting Time30 minutes before coming for the test
No smoking before 30 minutes
RemarksResults in 20 mins & Reviewed by Resident Doctors

Prices shown are inclusive of GST.

Note: In compliance with MOH guidelines, HIV saliva swab tests will be performed by trained clinic staff. Results will be reviewed by our experienced doctors.

HIV Testing Results In 20 Mins

With the Rapid HIV Saliva Swab Test, HIV testing is easy.

With the HIV rapid test, results can be available in as quick as 20 mins. Test results are accurate for all sexual episodes that have occurred 90 days and beyond. For those who are afraid of blood or needles, getting a saliva swab test is often a quick and comfortable alternative.

Rapid HIV saliva swab testing at DTAP Express can be taken as you unddergo other forms of STD testing. These tests provide a quick, fuss-free and confidential way to comprehensively address your sexual health concerns.


Importance Of HIV Testing & How HIV Testing Works

Early stages of HIV often do not show any signs and symptoms. Prompt HIV testing is therefore needed to conclusively determine an underlying HIV infection. A HIV test detects antibodies produced by the body that fights HIV infection or traces of the HIV in the bloodstream.

Today, HIV testing need not be uncomfortable, embarrassing or awkward. Most clinics in Singapore today offer professional, comfortable and discreet settings for HIV testing. Full HIV testing may be carried out in a confidential, quiet and non-judgmental environment. Prompt HIV testing ensures that one is healthy. If medical intervention is required, speedy attention may be given to control any infection. This ensures that one is able to live as normally as possible.


The Nature Of HIV – Progression From HIV To Aids

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) weakens the body by damaging the immune system. A person gets infected when certain bodily fluids from an infected person enters his or her body. With a weakened immune system, HIV lowers the person’s ability to fight off diseases, infections, bacteria or even common germs effectively. If left untreated or unmanaged, HIV eventually causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a syndrome that manifests itself in the later stage of a HIV infection. HIV testing is recommended after all suspected exposures for early detection and management.

A person’s immune system may be seriously damaged if no medical intervention is taken to curb a HIV infection. Unable to protect itself from diseases effectively, the person’s lifespan may be reduced drastically. The rate of damage of a HIV infection varies person to person. Factors affecting the rate of damage may include age, health and background. HIV may also aggravate existing diseases and illnesses. HIV testing can help in detecting an infection early before it becomes difficult to manage.


Common HIV Symptoms Suggesting A HIV Test

HIV numbers have dropped over the years with active STD testing and quick rapid HIV testing. It is, however, still important to recognize the symptoms of HIV so that medical interventions may be commenced.

Common HIV symptoms include:

  • A fever
  • Swollen glands and lymph nodes
  • Feeling lethargic and tired
  • A fully widespread body rash
  • Getting recurrent infections, i.e falling sick easily

However more often than not, people with HIV are often asymptomatic. Early detection ensures prompt treatment. A visit to a clinic for accurate testing is still the best course of action.

HIV spreads through 4 distinct ways – vaginal fluid, seminal fluid, saliva and most of all blood. The use of condoms can significantly lower the risk of picking up HIV, though there is still a small possibility of contracting the virus. There is currently no cure for HIV. Getting regularly tested for HIV is thus one of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.


HIV Transmission Risks

HIV is primarily spread through the exchange of bodily fluids between individuals. The HIV virus may be spread through unprotected sex, unnatural sexual behaviors, needle-prick injuries and the use of contaminated needles. Bodily fluids may include semen, blood, vaginal fluids, rectal fluids and breast milk. If these fluids come into contact with a person’s broken skin or mucus membrane in the mouth, genitalia areas or rectal areas, the risks of one being infected with HIV increases significantly.

Sharing of unsterilized needles for drug usage or tattoos also places one at higher risk if there is an infected person within the party. One of the most common cause of HIV is through unprotected anal or vaginal sex with an infected person. There is also significant risk if there is sexual activity with one who is unaware he or she is HIV-positive. This risk grows even more when there are multiple sexual partners.

While safe sex practices like condoms may significantly reduce the risks of contracting HIV, protection is never at 100%. Regular HIV testing is still recommended for sexually active individuals for peace of mind.

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