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Gonorrhoea In Women


Gonorrhoea In Women

Gonorrhoea in Singapore is the 2nd highest STD as reported by the department of sexual health Singapore in 2018. This is a high of 2000 newly diagnosed cases in a year.


Gonorrhoea symptoms in women are often symptomless, mild and very non specific.


Signs & Symptoms Of Gonorrhoea

In fact it is often mistaken for a normal vaginal yeast infection or even a UTI. If a lady has had sexual exposure with or without condoms prior, the possibility of an STD infection such as gonorrhoea is always there. 

Symptoms of Gonorrhoea infection in a woman may include pain when passing urine, vaginal discharge of various colours and consistency, whitish, yellowish greenish, with or without odour. Some women may also experience pain during sex and abnormal bleeding that occur between periods. 

If left untreated, the Gonorrhoea can spread up the reproductive tract of a woman into the uterus and fallopian tubes resulting in a condition known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). 

These symptoms can be mild and silent resulting in lower abdominal cramp (stomach aches) and discomfort. At more extreme situations, where the infections accumulate, collections of pus may form and severe pain in the lower abdomen may be experienced. PID can also further damage the tubes which transport eggs from the ovaries of the womb resulting in infertility or worse still a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb, also known as ectopic pregnancy. 

If there was any penetrative oral sex or anal sex, gonorrhoea may also cause an infection and lead to asymptomatic silent infection. If there are symptoms after oral sex, some women may experience sore throat or throat pain. For infections after anal sex, again msot remain symptomless and for those with symptoms, it includes pain on bowel movement, discharge from the anus, itch and sores around the anus.


Gonorrhoea symptoms in women or asymptomatic, symptomless infections can be picked up with a throat swab, rectal swab or vagina swab.


Testing & Treatment

Furthermore, if Gonorrhoea spreads into the bloodstream, it can also cause widespread joint infections, skin infections and blood infections, potentially life threatening. Untreated gonorrhoea increases a person’s risk of acquiring or transmitting the HIV virus. Which is incurable.

STD self-testing allows for fuss-free, quick and confidential testing that avoids the awkward discussion of your sexual health with another person. 

With rapid express testing at DTAP Express, results can be obtained in less than 72 hours compared to other testing times that take nearly a week. Early detection allows for quick treatment and protecting yourself and your partner.


Get tested today! Walk-in or make an appointment.


Getting Tested

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At DTAP Express, a quick self STD throat swab, self STD rectal swab or a urine test dropped off, would allow you to know your STD status in a matter of days. And if needed, get treated, protect yourself and also the people that you meet.

Learn more about our STD testing & HIV testing in our Self STD Testing Clinic

Test, know, treat.


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