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Chlamydia Symptoms In Women

Chlamydia In Women

Chlamydia affects both men and women and is the number 1 STD in Singapore. It causes numerous symptoms in women and also multiple long term problems especially pelvic inflammatory disease, damage to the reproductive organs and more often than not infertility. It is important to diagnose and treat Chlamydia early to prevent this bacteria from causing harm to the body.




Dysuria is the sensation of pain, burning, or discomfort on urination.


If the amount of bacteria present is uncontrolled, it can also lead to recurrent urinary tract infections in women, resulting in pain when passing urine or a burning sensation.

This is also known as dysuria. Women who have recurrent urinary tract infections should be suspicious of an STD infection such as Chlamydia if they had any prior sexual contact preceding the symptoms.


IF the Chlamydia infection does develop symptoms, they may occur anytime from days to weeks after the initial infection.


Signs & Symptoms


Chlamydia symptoms in women include abnormal vaginal discharge. This discharge can be intermittent or persistent, whitish or yellowish in nature and may or may not be accompanied by an odour. Sometimes it may cause other conditions such as Bacterial Vaginosis to appear.

Chlamydia symptoms in women also include pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal discomfort or lower abdominal pain.

There can also be abnormal vaginal bleeding outside of the usual menstruation cycles. If there was penetrative oral sex or receptive anal sex, chlamydia symptoms in women would also include sore throat, pain when defecating, or discharge and even bleeding from the bottom.

The transmission of Chlamydia can take place through any penetrative sexual episode with or without condom usage. Other STD symptoms in women


Regular sexual health screening is important, since most Chlamydia infections are asymptomatic.


Possible Complications


Having an active and untreated STD such as Chlamydia in women can result in the vaginal lining damaged, making it much more susceptible for women to pick up other STDs and even the dreaded incurable HIV. Besides the risk of other STDs and long term reproductive organ damage, the most common complication is infertility. learn Chlamydia symptoms in men


Getting Tested

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