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Chlamydia In Men

Chlamydia In Men

Chlamydia is the number 1 STD in Singapore, with approximately 2700 known positively diagnosed cases in 2018 alone. Gonorrhoea is the next highest diagnosed STD with approximately 2000 known positively diagnosed cases as well in 2018. This is why at DTAP Express, we have prioritised the testing of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

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The presence of STDs in the body would predispose one to other STD infections including the dreaded HIV, which is incurable.


Effects of STDs

An active STD infection in one’s body would cause the infected area to be damaged, allowing the ease of entry of viruses or other STDs through the damaged tissue layer into the body. This can be at the site of infection, especially the mouth, rectal and penis in men.


Chlamydia is often known as the “silent” STD as reports by the CDC in US have found that only about 10% of men who were positively diagnosed with chlamydia have symptoms and a further 5-30% of women diagnosed with chlamydia have symptoms.


Signs and Symptoms of Chlamydia

This scary statistic means that nearly 9 in 10 men will have no symptoms and 7 in 10 women have no symptoms of Chlamydia and unwittingly, they may pass it on to their partners when engaging in intercourse, with or without condoms. This can spread via penetrative or receptive oral sex, penetrative vaginal sex or even receptive anal sex.

Chlamydia symptoms in men include discharge from the penis, pain when passing urine, burning sensation when passing urine, UTI like symptoms, itchiness, urethritis like symptoms, intermittent discharge, groin discomfort and ache, pain in the testis (epididymitis), pain in the prostate (prostatitis) and if not treated properly, results in other long term problems such as infertility, organ damage and in other more extreme cases, catching other incurable diseases such as herpes (HSV) or HIV. STD Symptoms Men 


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Getting Tested

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At DTAP Express, a quick self STD throat swab, self STD rectal swab or a urine test dropped off, would allow you to know your STD status in a matter of days. And if needed, get treated, protect yourself and also the people that you meet.

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