Vaginal Pain – Causes And Possible Complications

Vagina pain can be caused by infections, hormone related problems or even cysts. The pain can be located on the outer genital region at the vulva involving the skin and labia or the pain can be located from within the walls of the vagina.

Causes of Vaginal Pain

Vaginal pain during periods or menstruations are often associated with gynecological problems and require further women’s health investigations such as a thorough examination, blood test and even scans.

Vaginal pain that is however associated with vaginal discharge, itch and discomfort are then likely due to infections. These infections can either be STI or STD related or Non STI related vaginal infections. The pain arising from infections can either be at the outer genital region or even during sex within the walls of the vagina.

One reason why the pain occurs during an infection is that the walls of the vagina get inflamed and irritated. And upon contact during sex, pain is triggered. 

Non-STI Infections

The infections that can give rise to vagina pain include the non STI infections such as Yeast, Monilla, Candida, group B streptococcus, Gardnerella (also known as bacteria vaginosis). These infections can occur due to a change in hormones, hygiene concerns or even hygiene bacteria from your partner after sex. Sometimes these infections occur with a discharge that may have an odour or smell present. This discharge can either be clear and watery, thick and white, or even yellow or green in colour.

If however the infection was caused by an STI or STD such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, mycoplasma hominis, ureaplasma urealyticum or other vaginal bacteria, it can also lead to vagina pain, with or without discharge, without or without odour and sometimes even without any symptoms at all. In the event there are symptoms, they may appear 3-5 days after sexual exposure.

Getting Tested

If you are concerned about STDs, especially the common ones like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, DTAP Express vagina STD swab allows one to pick up the common STD infections with the aid of a soft self swab, in a circular motion up the walls of the vagina. Studies have shown that self assessed swabs were as accurate as those taken by a healthcare worker and the added benefit of privacy and overcoming any embarrassment or shyness one may have seeing a healthcare worker.

However for ladies who prefer a comprehensive investigation, the DTAP Express FULL Vaginal STD swab will pick up the remaining causes of an infection whether hygiene related such as Yeast, Monila, Candida, group B streptococcus, Gardnerella (also known as bacteria vaginosis). Or the remaining STI related ones such as trichomonas, mycoplasma hominis, ureaplasma urealyticum or other vaginal bacteria.