Penile Discharge Candidiasis Symptoms In Men & Women

Yeast infections are often caused by a species also known as Candida Albicans. They are found on our bodies and are usually harmless. However under certain circumstances, the Candida in the body starts to grow, continues growing and causes Candidiasis.

In Men

Symptoms of Candidiasis in men can result in skin infections causing symptoms such as jock itch or itchiness and or swelling around the scrotal areas. Some men may also get foreskin infections resulting in redness and inflammation of the penile foreskin and subsequently pain and discomfort during an erection. This painful erection would then lead to painful intercourse as well. Further to this, the persistence of yeast around the foreskin can then lead to an infection of the urinary tract, leading to symptoms of pain, discomfort, itchiness and burning sensations during urination.

In Women

Symptoms of Candidiasis in women can result in vaginal thrush. This presents itself as a whitish discharge which can be curd like and thick and even emit an odour. Furthermore, the presence of yeast can also result in the walls of the vagina becoming inflamed. This inflammation also known as vaginitis then causes pain during intercourse. Furthermore the damaged linings of the vaginal wall make one more susceptible to other infections as well especially sexually transmitted infections including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and HIV.

Other symptoms of Candidiasis in women can also include menstrual irregularities, general discomfort in the pubic region, recurrent urinary tract infections – pain or burning sensation when passing urine.

From a non sexual health perspective there can be other symptoms of candidiasis such as finger or toe nail discolorations, thickening or brittleness.

Root Causes

But besides the signs and symptoms of Candidiasis, what is also important to consider is the root causes that can trigger a candida infection. On normal occasions, the body’s immune system keeps any Candida on the body in check. However, if the immune system is not functioning properly, Candida will grow and cause an infection.

There are a few common problems in one’s body that can cause a drop in the immune system including diabetes which is the most common problem and this can be tested with a fasted blood test.The other not so common problem that can cause one’s immune system to be weakened of course is HIV. HIV is a virus that is spread through sexual intercourse or blood exchange (transfusion, needleprick etc). HIV can be tested through a variety of methods including the Oraquick rapid HIV swab test at DTAP Express.

Getting Tested

If the Candida infection has worsened and starts causing urinary discomfort and itch in the men or vaginal itch in the women, this can be conclusively diagnosed with a DTAP Express Full Urine test or a DTAP Express Full vaginal swab test. The reason why this diagnosis is important is to make sure this is not another type of infection masquerading as a Candida Yeast infection. STD infections can mimic the same symptoms of urinary itch or vaginal itch.

Candida Yeast infection is easily treatable with anti yeast tablets, creams and or pessaries.