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Penile Discharge – What You Should Know

Penile discharge is a symptom where any substance coming from the tip of the penis is not semen or urine. These substances accumulate in the urinary tract and pass through the urethra to the tip of the penis and emit from the head. Types of Penile Discharge The penile discharge can be clear and watery […]

Throat Swabs For STDs

STIs and STDs are transmitted not just through vaginal sex or anal sex but also oral sex. This can either be insertive or receptive oral sex. Symptoms Symptoms one may experience after picking up an STI after insertive oral sex (given oral sex to partner), with or without condoms include sore throat, fevers, enlarged neck […]

Vaginal Pain – Causes And Possible Complications

Vagina pain can be caused by infections, hormone related problems or even cysts. The pain can be located on the outer genital region at the vulva involving the skin and labia or the pain can be located from within the walls of the vagina. Causes of Vaginal Pain Vaginal pain during periods or menstruations are […]

STD Testing – Who Should Get Tested

Those who have symptoms Those without symptoms Those who have been treated 2 weeks ago It’s especially important to get tested if: Your partner has been tested positive for an STD such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. You are beginning a new relationship You and your partner are deciding on not using condoms Your partner may […]