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Penile Discharge – What You Should Know

When substances other than semen or urine is found to be coming out from the tip of the penis, it is a symptom known as penile discharge. Having penile discharge of any kind usually points to a larger issue, like a STD infection of some kind.  Types of Penile Discharge Penile discharge ranges from clear […]

Throat Swabs For STDs

It is a common misnomer that STIs and STDs are only transmitted through vaginal sex or anal sex. The truth is, STDs can be spread through both insertive and receptive oral sex. Symptoms Symptoms one may experience after picking up an STI after insertive oral sex with or without condoms may include sore throat, fevers, […]

Vaginal Pain – Causes And Possible Complications

An often worrying and discomforting condition caused by a range of health issues, vaginal pain is something that affects women of all ages. This condition can be caused by infections, hormone related problems or even cysts. The pain can be located on the outer genital region at the vulva involving the skin and labia or […]

STD Testing – Who Should Get Tested

  It isn’t immediately obvious who needs to get an STD test, largely because most people don’t talk about this taboo topic. The truth is we need to know more about this topic to safeguard our health, and the wellbeing of those around us. For most people, STD testing is not one of those things […]