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Anal Itch

Anal Itch

Anal itch, or pruritus ani is the feeling of itching around the anus and or surrounding skin. This can arise from a multitude of conditions including skin (dermatological) conditions such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis to even skin cancer.

However for the purposes of getting a quick diagnosis with the DTAP Express rectal swab, we will cover the topics of sexually transmitted diseases and infections causing anal itch.

For men or women who have engaged in receptive anal sex with or without condom, one of the earliest signs of an infection in the anal canal is a bit of discomfort, itch and sometimes even bleeding and or discharge on contact or even from passing stool.

If you have engaged in receptive anal sex with or without condom, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can stay silent as an infection in the anal canal in 8 out of 10 patients as shown in a few medical studies. And Anal itch is often the first sign of an infection.

If left untreated, these silent infections can be passed on to your partners during sex and worse still, increase your personal risk of picking up the dreaded HIV virus by more than ten times.

There are numerous factors which can lead to an anal itch and it is important to rule out the more easily treatable but yet subtle and sinister causes such as sexually transmitted infections including Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea if one has received receptive anal sex.

At all other times, if the anal itch is persistent and if infections from receptive anal sex has been ruled out, it is then important to visit our doctors at DTAP Clinic to have your symptoms further explored and investigated. As mentioned earlier, there are other causes of anal itch which are not caused by sexually transmitted infections and this requires a more in depth diagnosis and treatment.


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