Anal Discharge

In this discussion, there are 2 main health concerns associated with anal discharge.

For the first concern, and for the purposes of DTAP Express, we will discuss Anal Discharge in the context of receptive Anal Sex. This occurs both in the straight and MSM population.

Anal discharge can vary in colour, appearance and consistency. The discharge may appear whitish or clear, pink or mixed in with blood, jelly like, watery, or brown yellowish mixed in with stool.

If STDs like Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea are passed during receptive anal sex, whether with or without condoms, the bacteria will then infect the walls of the anus, causing the first layer of the anal tissue to get infected, inflammed and eventually slough off resulting in discharge.

Furthermore, repeated episodes of receptive anal sex can cause the anal tissue to be further damaged, aggravating the symptoms and causing pain.

You may first notice anal discharge staining your underwear, feeling of dampness and discomfort when wearing your underwear or even itch around the rectal area.

Anal discharge from Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea infection can be diagnosed with the DTAP Express rectal swab test. Results are within 72 hours and early diagnosis will allow quick treatment of the condition.

If however the rectal swab test is negative then the other possibility that can arise from anal discharge is non sexual in nature. It can arise from anything such as an inflammation of the intestines (inflammatory bowel disease), to a food poisoning episode (infective colitis) to even something sinister such as colon or rectal cancer.

This requires further investigations such as a blood test, stool test and a thorough consultation which can be done at any of our DTAP clinics.