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    Welcome to DTAP Express, your go-to, hassle-free, physician-free STD clinic. Empowering you with self-testing capabilities, we’re revolutionizing the way you take charge of your sexual health. If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to stop by one of our friendly DTAP clinics for an in-person consultation. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

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Convenient Affordable Care

We established DTAP Express with the aim of providing accessible and reasonably priced healthcare services to Singaporeans, regardless of insurance. Our primary focus is on individuals who are busy and value their health.

To make STD testing hassle-free and affordable, we have introduced our testing services at DTAP Express. We understand that undergoing an in-person test can be expensive and a little awkward, and our service eliminates those concerns by offering a cost-effective and straightforward testing process.

All your STD Testing Needs in one place.

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DTAP Express Clinic provides rapid STD testing & rapid HIV testing in a comfortable, discreet and safe environment. A self-testing STD clinic, a comprehensive range of STD testing services, including tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV are available.

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Centrally Located

Located in the heart of CBD: Tanjong Pagar – giving you easy access to quick, fuss-free and confidential screening.

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Manage Your Health

Health screenings are crucial in the early detection of any underlying diseases which may be silent in the early stages.

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Easy & Convenient

Our care team will confirm your appointment. Get directed to our screening rooms and receive your results and explanation by email.

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Useful Info

$60.00 Nett

When to get HIV tested:

90 Days or more after potential HIV exposure

Get a rapid test done for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Your results will be out in 20 minutes or less. Get peace of mind as all results will be reviewed by resident doctors for accuracy and reliability.

Note: In compliance with MOH guidelines, HIV saliva swab tests will be performed by trained clinic staff. Results will be reviewed by our experienced doctors.

Self-test for STDs at our clinic in 3 quick steps:

1. Get a STD test kit from us.
2. Self-collect your sample and submit it to us.
3. Receive your results

1. Rapid HIV Testing

2. Rapid Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Testing

3. Men’s Urine STD Screening

4. Combined Men’s Urine STD & Rapid HIV Testing

5. Women’s Vaginal STD Swab

6. Combined Women’s Vaginal STD Swab & Rapid HIV Testing

1) Beginning a new journey with a special someone? Get tested and start your relationship on a healthy note.

2) Choosing to go without condoms? Stay informed by getting tested for STDs and HIV.
Navigating the world of multiple partners? Keep everyone safe by regularly monitoring your sexual health.

3) Encountered a partner’s infidelity? Protect yourself by getting tested and regaining control.

4) Noticed signs of an STD infection? Don’t wait – get tested and take the first step towards healing.

Stay vibrant, stay healthy, and embrace the power of knowing your status.

Why DTAP Express


✔️ Fast STD results

✔️ Receive treatment for STDs promptly

✔️ Enjoy privacy in a discrete and safe environment

✔️Reputable STD Clinic

DTAP Express STD Clinic is a fuss-free solution to your STD and HIV testing needs. No awkward consultations. No stigma. Just high quality, fast and affordable testing and treatment services.

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At DTAP Express Clinic, we provide quick, fuss-free and confidential HIV testing & Self-swab STD testing services at affordable rates. No more awkward consultations.


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